At Velocity Fitness we are passionate about improving the overall well-being and lifestyle of our clients and value their testimonials. The majority of people have goals to lose weight/fat, improve cardiovascular fitness, tone their core or arms, improve their energy levels, among many other reasons!

Clients are wanting to achieve these goals for many underlying reasons as well – have low self-esteem and unhappy with their weight, lack mental and physical confidence to exercise, want to be able to play with and keep up with their kids, they are stuck in an office all day and want to be more active and mobile.

By increasing their Strength, Agility, Coordination, and Flexibility, our clients are able to perform day to day tasks with more ease and comfort, and address those underlying issues.

Here are some happy testimonials of clients working with Velocity Fitness Group.

Geovanna – I feel more confident and actually enjoy exercise!

My biggest obstacles to achieving my fitness goals was that I was time poor, and lacked motivation to organise my health and fitness goals into my already busy life. Velocity Fitness really helped by making our sessions fun, and by being flexible – Alan understands that exercise must fit into your life and he provides a realistic view on health and fitness. Velocity looks at each client holistically and provides a system where they’re not setting you up to fail and certainly not body shaming or fitness shaming their clients, rather they encourage you to make small and consistent changes.

My goal is to lose fat and be fit enough to run 10km, and thanks to small progressive steps, I feel more confident and actually enjoy exercise! More importantly I am thinking about health and daily movement as a priority. I am most proud of committing to my health, and trying my best to train even when life gets in the way.

Jane – always feel positive at the end of every session!

My biggest obstacles to becoming healthier were discipline, making a start & keeping going with training. Velocity helped me through their encouragement, understanding, and by being non-judgmental, especially as I started from a low fitness base. I notice even small gains and always feel positive at the end of every session!

Velocity was different from other trainers by encouraging mindfulness as well as focussing on balance, strength and movement. Breaking down circuit exercises into basic movements, and progressively building on them is rewarding and interesting. My goal is to improve agility and balance while moving around on deck when under sail, and with Alan’s help I am much more confident and assured.

Sascha – relish the feeling of strength and empowerment it gives me

I had insecurities/fears about my capability to do certain types of exercise. Alan from Velocity helped me overcome this by tailoring sessions to my fitness level and needs – it is a lot more personalised than simply going to the gym, and it gets better and more fine-tuned over the long term, making it very rewarding to keep coming back. Alan was also very encouraging and provided really good and detailed feedback which really helped me to see my progress and overcome the insecurities I felt.

I am most proud of learning to punch and do boxing. I never thought that was something I would be capable of, let alone enjoy. I really relish the feeling of strength and empowerment it gives me.  I’m a fairly petite person, and as such the opportunities I get in life to feel strong and powerful feel very limited. Boxing allows me feel those things. I got assaulted a couple of years ago and I had no self-defence instinct or tools to draw on at all, and felt very vulnerable as a result. I’m confident that would be different now.