Practical benefits of HIIT

28 Mar

I love my AFL, it requires coordination, strength, agility, mental resilience, and supreme fitness. Read what the OLDEST player on the Port Adelaide team had to say about the benefits of HIIT training in helping him run a 3km PB.

Cornes put his standout display down to a change in off-season running routine.
Admitting he takes just one week off at the end of a season to rest, Cornes — who has an incredible work ethic — this year shelved his long distance running for shorter, faster runs and reaped the rewards.
“I changed up my training a little bit just to see how things went,’’ said Cornes, who is on target to next season become the first Power player to play 300 AFL games.
“I went away from the longer volumes of work and did a lot more shorter, faster, high-speed stuff.

Hear from Cornes himself.

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