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03 May

Nutritious home cooking & review of Hello Fresh

Nutritious home cooking is a great foundation for a healthy lifestyle. There are many excuses as to why people cook healthy meals at home, and tend to eat out or get takeaway. Chief among them are “I don’t have enough time” and “I don’t know where to start”. At Velocity Fitness, our philosophy is to make your actions become good habits, and to take away excuses not to do something. When it comes to food and nutrition, there is so much information out there that you might not know where to start! I was fortunate to grow up in and around restaurants, so food shopping, preparation, cooking and serving come easily to me. However, not everyone is that lucky. Perhaps you may have the culinary skills but not the time to research a new recipe or two, or the time to go grocery shopping to pick up all the ingredients. On the other hand, you could have plenty of time, but lack the confidence or skills to whip up a healthy lunch or dinner.

There are a couple of produce delivery services out there, and one of the biggest is Hello Fresh. I saw their stand at the 2016 Wellness Show, and decided to sign up and check out their product. They have a couple of size options (3 or 5 meals a week for 2 or 4 people), choice of omnivore or vegetarian, and each week you can select which recipes were delivered. I was happy to stick with the default choices, but if you have any particular dietary requirements there was a variety of weekly options. It gets delivered on a day of your choice, with plenty of freezer packs to keep your meat cold. Over the 3 weeks these were some of the simple and tasty dishes that got delivered. You can see there are seafood free, wheat free, and some dairy free choices.

        • Dukkah Chicken with Roast Vegetables & Fetta Cheese
        • Beef & Pumpkin Massaman Curry with Pillowy Rice
        • Arrabiata Penne with Bacon & Flaked Parmesan
        • Prawn & Pea Stir-fry with Zesty Lime
        • Sweet Chilli Chicken Burgers with Lime Mayo & Cucumber
        • Scotch Fillet with Caramelised Onion & Mixed Mash
        • Mexican Beef Tacos with Skillet Veggies & Sour Cream
        • Moreish Pumpkin Risotto with Bacon & Parmesan Cheese
        • Zesty Lime & Pepper Chicken with Quinoa


Week 3 of @hellofreshau Mexican Beef Tacos with Skillet Vege. Really quick and tasty once again #protein #healthylunch #cleaneating

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As you can see, most of the dishes had lean protein and complex carbs, but not enough vegetables for my liking. I tried to follow the recipes faithfully, but ended up adding an extra one or two types of vegetables. The preparation and cooking instructions were clear and easy to follow, and even someone with little experience in the kitchen should be able to navigate quite easily.

Another thing I will say is that some of the dishes called for the meat to be marinated before grilling, which resulted in quite a sticky and crusty black mess afterwards, I’m looking at you Sweet Chilli Chicken!

Overall I would recommend Hello Fresh to those who are in the categories of lacking time to go grocery shopping for healthy produce, and those who aren’t too confident in the kitchen. I did learn a few new variations for meal ideas, but for someone like me, I can grab those off the internet or from cooking shows. You are paying a premium for the convenience of home delivery and chef devised recipes and fresh produce. For those in the “don’t have enough time” or “don’t know where to start” when it comes to healthy home cooking, this is a great idea to remove those excuses and start making nutritious home cooking a healthy habit.


Velocity Fitness Group is independent from Hello Fresh and received no monetary or in kind benefit. This review was written for the benefit of Velocity Clients only and is not a paid advertisement.

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