Get Your Body Moving!

It's been over 2 months since we all went into self-isolation, and good work you, it looks like we might be coming out the other end in a good position. But it did mean that you were working from home with a less than ideal ergonomic set up, close to the fridge and pantry, and taking far less steps than you typically would.

This probably means that your shoulders, neck and upper back are tight, as are your hips and hamstrings. The less we talk about your core and abs the better, right?!

Free workout program? Yes Please!

Step 1

What I have for you is a completely free workout program for 14 days specially designed to get you mobile and moving, and ready for when gyms and fitness classes open up. This will prevent muscle soreness and injury, and feeling drained and demotivated when you inevitably get gung-ho and over-excited about training again! How do I know? Because it's what I would have done a few years ago when I was in Corporate Finance and coming back from a holiday.

How it works

Step 1

Click on the button below and sign up for this equipment-free workout on the Velocity Members platform. You get access to two workouts specifically designed by me to open up your shoulders and hips, and strengthen your whole body. No more back pain and feeling tight, just feel stronger and more energised. 

Just start a new account and I will keep you accountable and answer any questions you may have. Just Get Moving! 

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