October Fighting Fit 4-week Bootcamp

**Looking for 25-45 year olds who want to lose fat fast and get fighting fit in 4 weeks! October 5th – 31st**

With the great success of the Velocity Fitness Boxing Bootcamp, we are taking things to another level! Punching the bags is only a small component of a Boxing workout, now get exposed to the conditioning exercises that a Boxer uses in training – skipping, sprints, explosive actions, bodyweight movements and more! Over 4 weeks Velocity will build confidence and fitness in your body to be able to perform kick-ass circuits that will have you Fighting Fit.

$149 – bring a friend along for just an extra $99.
Wentworth Park – Train up to 3 sessions a week
Monday 7.30am / Thursday 5.30pm / Saturday 9.00am
LIMIT OF 8 PEOPLE ONLY! Book now and complete the form to reserve your spot

Conditioning circuit at Wentworth Park

Conditioning circuit at Wentworth Park

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