THUMP BOXING Classes and Training in Sydney

Female White Gloves Punching Bag
  • Duration 45 minutes

Boxers are some of the fittest athletes around, get a taste of how they train with THUMP Boxing. Burn calories and tone your arms, core and legs with punching combinations and conditioning exercises that get results. You will get an amazing and fun workout as well as technical corrections to improve your punching. Join the classes around Sydney CBD that suit you, or get a group of friends and colleagues together to train.

Perhaps you are wondering why you need thump boxing for fitness, or you know how vital it is but you are looking for a place in Sydney where you can attend boxing classes. Velocity Fitness offers excellent boxing training. Our training aims to build your body into a lean, mean fat burning machine – drawing on the martial art tradition and spirit.

With proven benefits, boxing training has become immensely popular and one among the most preferred forms of exercise. Through this training, you will lose weight, develop muscle endurance as well as cardiovascular fitness among many other benefits.

We use a variety of skills and techniques in our thump boxing training which you can transfer to a range of sports such as cricket, tennis, swimming, rugby, soccer and dancing. All these sports call for a degree of physical excellence in as far as endurance, speed, power, speed and balance go. If you are on a tight schedule because of time limits, only boxing training can provide such.

You don’t require any experience prior to attending thump boxing training. This is what makes it easy to learn and simple to follow as long as you structure and plan your routines. You can engage in high intensity exercises with minimum impact and stress on joints in limited space.

At Velocity Fitness, we sit comfortably between Boxercise and Fight Training. While you’re not getting conditioned for a fight, we are far more than just mitt pounding that you see at big box gyms. Thump Boxing for Fitness gives you a great grounding in punching technique and footwork. By using the right movements and techniques, you take your boxing for fitness workout to the next level – building cardiovascular fitness, tone your arms, develop core strength, and strong legs. In just a few sessions, you can put together a boxing combination that will leave you feeling strong and empowered.

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