Circuit Training Workouts

  • Duration 45 minutes

Get super fit and tone your whole body with a Velocity Circuit Training! Velocity sessions have a maximum of 8 people to ensure that all participants perform the exercises safely. This high intensity circuit is guaranteed to work your whole body and provide quick results! Join the classes around Sydney CBD that suit you, or get a group of friends and colleagues together to train.

Do you aspire to have a great lean body but you don’t have the luxury of time? Circuit training workouts will provide you with a cut and dried solution.

Tone your whole body and get super fit with Velocity Fitness. We guarantee quick results. Join a class that suits you around Sydney CBD today.

What are Circuit Training Workouts?

When you engage in one exercise after another in a loop, say perform a set of squats, followed by curls then a set of upright rows and so forth then you are doing circuit training workouts. You can as well consider weightlifting exercises, aerobic and anaerobic exercises as part of the circuit training.
There is usually little or no rest between the exercises, though this depends on the type of circuit you are completing

Why Should You Do Circuit Training Workouts?

  • They are time efficient and will shorten your gym sessions, making them ideal for you, especially if you have limited time to spare for exercise.
  • These workouts will get you ripped in no time, especially if done in a particular way, hence a lean body.
  • Circuit training will improve your muscular endurance and conditioning.
  • The workouts subject the entire body to exercises.
  • You can do the workouts outside the gym without any equipment.

Velocity Circuit Training Workout

We set up 8 stations incorporating various exercises that provide a fantastic full body workout. We can be flexible and cater to all fitness and experience levels. If you are new to the fitness game we will program basic exercises that set you up with the correct body movements and mechanics, and more experienced people will do progressively more difficult exercises. Since we are Sydney CBD based, many of our exercises counter the problems of sitting in an office all day – core strengthening, posture correction, and finishing with stretches.

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