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Get Confident in the Gym with the Black Belt Training System

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Do you feel nervous stepping foot into a gym? Want to get fit and strong but don't know where to start?

EXTRA BONUS - 4 week workout program

Hi, I'm Alan Lau, industry leading Strength & Conditioning Coach, and 5th Dan Taekwondo Black Belt. I created the Black Belt Training System so that you can feel comfortable and confident in the gym, and get all the benefits of strength training - look and feel amazing, better posture, more energy and sex drive, did I mention look and feel amazing?

What will you learn from this book:

Your body's movement patterns

Step 1

Our modern lifestyles have worked against everything our body's are designed to do! You spend way too much time sitting, and not enough moving. You have aches and pains from tight muscles and weak core. Let your body return to what it is designed to do. 

What all those fancy words mean

Step 1

Like any industry, the health and fitness one has it's own lingo and slang. Learn what reps and sets are, and what impact and difference they will make to your workout program. You will know exactly what you should be doing to achieve your training goals!

What to expect in the gym

Step 1

What do you need to bring to the gym? What is the etiquette of what you should do, and more importantly what you shouldn't do? You'll also learn about how our body should feel and how to train safely.

BONUS - 4 week program to get you started

Step 1

I have programmed a workout program that covers all your body's movement patterns and introduces certain types of exercises that help you get stronger and used to the gym equipment. This workout is guaranteed to get you more confident and comfortable with your body and training in the gym. 


Strength & Conditioning Coach
Master Functional Trainer
Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach
Life & Performance Coach
5th Dan Black Belt Taekwondo

Alan Lau

Velocity Fitness Group

Valued at $147, but for a limited time only, get it for FREE

EXTRA BONUS - 4 week workout program

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