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Busy Sydney CBD residents and office workers will appreciate our 30 or 45 min sessions, which allows you to train before, during or after work without wasting too much of your valuable time. The intensity of these Personal or Group Training sessions are tailored to the experience and fitness levels of participants. This way all clients feel comfortable and able build confidence in their body movements.. Too often we see Personal Trainers with the “no pain, no gain” mentality, which is counter-productive and can cause serious injury. At Velocity Fitness it is one of key pillars that our clients actually enjoy training with us!

Our workouts are varied and involve full body exercises to give you a super efficient workout.┬áTHUMP Boxing for Fitness is amazing for toning the arms, core and legs, as well as an great cardio workout. Our Circuit Energisers are a mix of strength, agility and cardio stations that quickly improve overall fitness. Both of these are available for Personal or Group Training. We also offer THUMP Kickboxing for Fitness, which takes the aspects of Boxing to another level – kicking and knees add even more leg and core strengthening. For those who are looking for more than just physical and mental strength and resilience, Taekwondo can develop a Martial spirit of discipline, dedication, and responsibility. We are able to offer Private Taekwondo lessons for those who do not have the time to attend regular classes after work. Our principal trainer is a 4th Dan Black Belt in Traditional Taekwondo with 20 years of training and instructing experience, and this informs our training style for your PT Sessions, as well as a philosophy that there is always something more to master, meaning that you will never stagnate and be bored with training. Find out more ABOUT US here.

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Mobile Fitness Training – Sydney CBD

  • Your home or apartment in and around Sydney CBD
  • Your office – meeting or board room, courtyard or public space
  • Nearby park or public space (low pedestrian traffic)



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