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Velocity Fitness takes the hassle out of getting fit and healthy by offering Personal Training, Power Group Sessions, Corporate Fitness, and Taekwondo in Sydney CBD. We are located at Crunch Fitness Sydney CBD. Our principal trainer has over 10 years experience working in Finance, so we understand the challenges faced by CBD office workers. Through regular training and education, you can start to balance out the bad office habits with good ones like more incidental exercise, better snacking options, balanced eating and drinking, and managing stress levels. Instead of trying 8 weeks of this, and 12 weeks of that, you are developing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that leads to success!

Who needs Personal Training? Are you;

  • Unhappy with your body and weight
  • Lacking confidence in appearance and low self-esteem
  • Feel lethargic and have low energy levels
  • Trying multiple short term fixes
  • Overwhelmed by information and don’t know where to start
  • Frustrated – think you’re doing the right things with no results
  • In a cycle of unhealthy habits and routine
How will Velocity Fitness help you

  • Crystallise and set health and fitness goals
  • Have someone to support and guide you
  • Empower you with knowledge to make the right decisions
  • Feel happy and confident with your mindset and body
  • Help you develop good habits that are sustainable
  • Be productive and motivated
  • Look and feel amazing!

BUILD A FIT BODY – Move the body in functional ways and develop a strong foundation.

CONFIDENT MIND – You will receive teaching cues so that you understand WHY you move a certain way, not just how.

MARTIAL SPIRIT – Develop the will and perseverance to push through the session, and the discipline to do the right things after as well!

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