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Alan Lau

Alan is the founder and principal coach of Velocity Fitness Group. He entered the Health & Fitness Industry after 10 years in Corporate Finance. He has also spent 20+ years training and instructing Taekwondo and is a 4th Dan Black Belt Branch Instructor for the Ultimo Dojang of Walsh Martial Arts Australia, one of the leading Traditional Taekwondo Schools in Australia.

Alan is passionate about helping busy and stressed corporate types regain their sense of self, learn how to care for their mental and physical health, be more energetic and alive, and improve performance in the gym and in the boardroom.

Corporate Fitness & Education

Addressing wellness in the workplace is proven to create attentive and productive staff who rave about their workplace. Velocity Fitness Group’s principal trainer spent years working in offices, so he can provide workshops, education sessions, in-house training, as well as bring in allied health experts to educate and support your staff.

  • Improve staff engagement and retention
  • Team building and bonding
  • Be an employer of choice

The Velocity Training System

The Velocity Training System allows for people of all ages, fitness levels and experience to get the most out of their training experience.

  1. Goal setting and lifestyle coaching. Screen for movement patterns and mobility issues
  2. Address issues and create a foundation of fundamental movement patterns through functional training
  3. As confidence and coordination improve, we progress the exercise intensity and variation, introduction to traditional weight training
  4. Goal specific training programs – speed, power, strength, fat loss, lean muscle mass, conditioning, and many more!


At Velocity Fitness we are passionate about improving the overall well-being and lifestyle of our clients and value their testimonials. The majority of people have goals to lose weight/fat, improve cardiovascular fitness, tone their core or arms, improve their energy levels, among many other reasons!

Clients are wanting to achieve these goals for many underlying reasons as well – have low self-esteem and unhappy with their weight, lack mental and physical confidence to exercise, want to be able to play with and keep up with their kids, they are stuck in an office all day and want to be more active and mobile.

By increasing their Strength, Agility, Coordination, and Flexibility, our clients are able to perform day to day tasks with more ease and comfort, and address those underlying issues.

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